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2016 Live it OutLoud Enrollment Form

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Terms & Conditions:

I hereby grant an unconditional and irrevocable license to Live It OutLoud, Ted Brown Music Outreach, and program sponsors, to all photographs, video and sound recordings of me/my child during the duration of the Live It OutLoud program and any sanctioned Live It OutLoud appearances thereafter. By grant of this license, I authorize the reproduction, sale copyright, exhibition, broadcast and/or distribution of said materials for the promotional purposes of Ted Brown Music Outreach by allowing my/my child’s participation in the Live It OutLoud program. I hereby agree and promise to unconditionally exonerate, release and hold harmless Ted Brown Music Outreach/Ted Brown Music Company, its principals and agents, from any and all liabilities or claims by any party(ies) from damages, injury or loss to any person, persons, or property in any way arising from or relating to my/my child’s participation in the Live It OutLoud program. I further agree to indemnify and defend Ted Brown Music Outreach/Ted Brown Music Company from any and all claims, injuries and/or losses arising from my/my child’s participation in the program, with or without prior notice of such claims.
This deposit will be applied to the Live it OutLoud camp tuition.

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